Performance management with PC

Managing sport performances with PC is helpful for data storing, graphical analysis, statistics, using data types like time, speed, heart rate, etc.

That allows optimising of training and consequently, the performances are quickly improved.

The commercial softwares are generally not customizable and don't fit the sportsmen or coaches needs. Then, it is necessary to develop a special software or to use a good table editor to handle the various needs.

Here are some simple examples easily obtained with a table editor.

Analysis of times

In sports where time is the reference, the times can be analysed statistically. Calculating mean and standard deviation is helpful to manage progression (or regression).

Graphical representation of times:

Representation of times

Analysis of speeds

Always in sports where time is the reference, the speed is important because the best speed control give the best time. Without speedometer the only way to evaluate speed is to check the interval times in a distance splitting up. Then, graphical drawing allows seeing and easily comparing the efforts.

Graphical comparison of speeds (2 000 m on track):

Comparison of speeds

Analysis of heart rates

A heart rate monitor is an easy to use instrument to analyse intensive aerobic efforts. Even if the heart rate is not representative, by itself, of the produced power, a heart rate monitor shows the effort evolution.

It allows ensuring the heart rate is into target zones or simply, verifying the "suffering" corresponds to the reality.

The training effects are also easier to verify because the best performances are often done in lower heart rates with quicker recoveries.

Graphical comparison of heart rates (10 000 m on undulating road!):

Comparison of heart rates