Welcome to Sport & Performance !

Why this site ?

The objective of the site is to present as simply and exactly as possible the key points which allow controlling the sport physical performances through the modern tools of information technology and telecommunications.

By definition, physical performances are numerical indications which characterize the abilities of a sportsman. They are proper to each and independent of events (competitions, shows, etc..) which can lead to records.

A proper training gives the possibility to improve them up to a ceiling level of genetic origin. Everybody can't become a champion, but everybody can improve his performances.

For whom ?

The site is addressed to the people directly or indirectly involved in a performance search, i.e. all level sportsmen (casual, amateur, professional) or anyone (consultants, educators, coaches, etc.).

How ?

Although a sport practice requires always to associate a technical expertise to a physical aptitude, we chose to focus only on the physical performance. Accordingly, some sports takes a special importance because they are better models.

Unlike a book, the site focuses to the essentials and use various interactive tools (calculators, etc.) to help the performances understanding and evaluating.

By whom ?

The given information (*) is an original synthesis of the studies, calculations and tests of the author, who has a scientific and technic background (Doctor and Engineer), and a regular practice of several sports (running, cycling, swimming, etc.).

The site is independent of any external influence or pressure (commercial, sporting or other). The author does not receive any special assistance or remuneration and refuses any invasive advertising.

To keep the site like that, feel free to send your encouragements !


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