Training the novice runner

In running, the beginners often make mistakes which give bad habits. To progress, it is important to respect the following points:

1. Do not run on long distances

When beginning (first months or even the first year), it is not recommended to run on too long distances (more than 4 kms).

First of all, it is better to learn to run than to learn to jog. It is more profitable to short the distance and to increase the speed than to do the opposite.

As soon as the sensation becomes good, it is possible to increase naturally the distance. This sensation appears generally when the MAS is close or greater than 15 km/h.

2. Run regularly

The body development (muscular, cardiovascular, etc.) for running can't be done quickly. Patience and regular training (once a week at least) is required.

Feel free to vary the route, there is nothing worse than the monotony to discourage a beginner.

3. Run intensively

A beginner is generally not inure to consume a lot of oxygen. The intensive runs help to manage this unpleasant and not usual difficulty to breath.

It is better to run less but intensively than often and slowly.

Possibly, do not think you have to run continuously. If you feel too out of breath, walk the time to recover.

4. Run simply

Running must be a pleasure so, you have to avoid the "brain storming" with complex training plans. Avoid the "advices" complicating you life.