Motivation of runner

In the long runs, motivation is a particularly important psychological process.

To hold the heart rate into intense and very intense effort zone (Ref.), during many kms, is not easy. Moreover, everybody is not capable to do so.

A psychological strength is required because the least incident (particular pain, unforeseen event, etc.) can create bigs troubles in mind.

In the bad moments, when the physical difficulty increases, only motivation may help.

Often, after several years of runs, a wearing of the motivation appears and put the sportsman in a negative spiral.

The chronometer in particular is not always well supported. It is sometime lived as a constraint. It is well supported generally in progression period but unfortunately, in regression period, it often becomes a "scarecrow". It is necessary to use it intelligently because a run, even difficult, has to be a pleasure and not a constraint.

Fortunately, by varying training routes, distances, frequencies, it is possible to maintain this motivation even in the worst moments (lost of performances or results, etc.). It is very important to don't stop training to don't lose too much.