Aerobic power in soccer

In soccer, although the aerobic power (VO2max) is important, it is not fundamental.

In fact, this sport is very technical which means the tactics of sprints, dribbles, way changes, jumps, etc., require different and varied athletic qualities.

Several analysis show that the players having the highest VO2max run rather less than the other ones. There are different explanations to this surprising observation but the main is that these players avoid useless movements to concentrate on intense runs.

An other observation is that the number of sprints remains constant during a match, only the maximal speed decreases. Furthermore, slow runs are less numerous at the end of match and the players do not reposition them any more. This explains why goals are often scored at the end of match.

Finally, among the most static players there are generally those who have the weakest VO2max. Their replacement is not always necessary because they often have an strong influence on the team.


C.C & J.L