Estimation of cycling power

To reach a given speed, a cyclist must be able to produce a sufficient power, equal to the sum of powers required to overcome three types of resistances:
  • Resistance of friction
  • Resistance of the air
  • Resistance of gravity

In the following calculator, an instant speed gives an instant power and a mean speed gives a mean power.
For example, the mean speed of a continuous maximal effort during 7 min approximately (climbing preferably) allows evaluating the Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP).

Weight of the cyclist: kg
Weight of the equipment: kg (cycle, shoes, helmet, clothes, etc.)
Speed of the cyclist: km/h
Speed of the wind: km/h (+ back, - front)
Slope: % (+ ascent, - descent)
Temperature: C
Pressure: mmHg (Torricelli)
Friction (Cf): (0.0024 to 0.0030)
Rolling (Cr): (0.004 to 0.010)
Aerodynamic (SCx): (0.2 to 0.4)

Auxiliaries for calculation:
  • Speed
  • Mean speed
  • Slope

Design of the calculator